Features & Services

With TUPUTECH’s special image recognition API, you can detect violent and other objectionable and explicit images and videos with 99.5% accuracy, reducing manpower by 90% or more.


Easy to Integrate

A proven performance

Fast and scalable

Privacy compliant

Decrease the cost

About Us

We focus on image/video recognition and filtering service.

Who we are?

Founded in 2014, TUPU Technology Co., Ltd provides image recognition services with state-of-the-art AI algorithms and Computer Vision technology.

What we do?

TUPU automatically tags all your images and video so you can quickly organize, manage, and search through your content. It’s fast, easy, and incredibly accurate. Automate moderation of your user-generated content. Flag the usual suspects like nudity, weapons, and illegal substances or customize to filter out specific off-brand content. Video moderation on demand. Our live moderators are available 24×7 365 days a year to protect your users and brand. In the mean time, custom model that fits perfectly with your unique use case could be provided as well. This service is already being used in production by hundreds of social networks,dating apps, live streaming platform and recreational applications, online forums, chats etc. to provide a safe and pleasant experience to end-users. Our clients include but not limited to Musical.ly, Live.me, Blued, Camera 360, Bilibili, etc.

Our Clients

Processed more than 100 billions images.


All Package Has 10,000/Month For Free.

Package price

  • 10,000 Free images/month
  • Could process 5,000,000 images

Package price

  • 10,000 Free images/month
  • Could process 30,000,000 images

Package price

  • 10,000 Free images/month
  • Could process 300,000,000 images

package price

  • 10,000 Free images/month
  • Could process 1,000,000,000 images

Contact Us

Email: bd@tuputech.com

Add: Room 602, No.11, Jiangong Road, Tianhe Software Park, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China